Look See Tours

Many companies find that providing a fact-finding preview visit for new assignees is an essential part of the relocation process. Allowing the executive and his/her family to get a taste of their new life can help ease the transition and relieve a lot of concerns before the big move.

Our services, all provided on an expat-to-expat basis, include:

  • A comprehensive needs assessment – both by telephone and email correspondence
  • A general overview of the destination city
  • An accompanied city orientation tour, including residential areas, sample housing, school visits, an introduction to shopping, medical facilities, sports and leisure opportunities
  • A discussion on expat life in the destination city – healthcare, social life, leisure, security, driving, climate, immigration issues, everyday living advice for expatriates, etc.
Troika Relocations has also developed it own welcome pack, containing information on residential areas, schools, medical centres, leisure and shopping facilities, maps, cultural activities, social organisations, banking, insurance, driving, etc.

In our experience, a good grounding in the basics of expatriate life in Russia both informs the assignee of the peculiarities of life in their new destination and enables them to commit more fully to relocating as well as identifying key considerations at an early stage which will speed up the overall relocation process and have the assignee fully focused on their new post as soon as possible after arrival.
May 20 2014
Troika Relocations are proud to announce the opening of a new representative office in Tula, bringing the number of locations in Russia to five.
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visa and immigration
Troika upgrade services to provide full and comprehensive support...
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Troika upgrade services to provide full and comprehensive support...
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