Registration Rules Relaxed

Interview on Russia Today

New laws came into effect on March 24th that ease the lives of foreign nationals working and living in Russia, as well their employers.

The law, which came after heavy lobbying by foreign businesses, reverses legislation that toughened registration rules and came into force Feb. 15.

The new law eases registration rules by extending the period that foreigners can be in the country without notifying the authorities from three to seven working days. It also ends a Feb. 15 requirement that landlords register foreign tenants at their factual addresses, reinstating instead the previous rule of registering at the employer's address.

The new law also forbids police from collecting fines from foreigners carrying invalid or missing registration papers. Instead, the organization that issued the foreigner's visa invitation will be held responsible for violations. This change is aimed at preventing extortion from corrupt police officers who could otherwise demand money on the street.

Interviewed on Russia Today television, David Gilmartin, General Manager of Troika Relocations, explained that the process of registration for foreign nationals has been simplified, and deregistration now occurs automatically upon departure from the country. These two changes ease the threat of needless penalties that hung over employers, and will boost demand for Highly Qualified Specialist Work Permits.

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